Recent Projects


Web Developments

Writing clean, declaritive codebases that are scalable and maintainable.

User Experience

Building elegant digital interfaces using modern front-end tools.

SEO and Growth Engineering

Digital Marketing. Testable, trackable and scalable SEO methods.

  • Javascript/ES6/jQuery
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • React.js/Vue.js/Meteor.js
  • PHP
  • Node.js/Express
  • NoSQL/MongoDB
  • SQL/mySQL
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Git
  • Grunt / Gulp
  • Test-Driven Development

Iversen Design

At Iversen Design, I work within a small development team to provide web services for clients, local and abroad. During my time here, I've been exposed to many technologies with different workflows, varying budgets, faciliating both fixed and nimble teams. My time with Iversen Design has been an invaluable experience; engineering the best product while navigating through a limited budget.


With Omari, I was an active member of a web collective. Collaborating on web projects with varying teams of developers and designers, where we employed full stack javascript and built web apps that promote community, learning and the internet democracy.

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